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Calling the Creative Ones

Creative Arts Program

ICA's Visual and Performing Arts Program offers weekly in-class and after-school arts programs for all students grades PK4 - eighth. We believe the integration of the arts in a student's learning helps strengthen their foundation for later success.

The arts in education is not just a class for fun but assists in developing creativity, confidence, problem-solving, perseverance, and focus, to name a few. Through the arts, ICA cultivates cultural understanding and an appreciation for diversity. 

Every student from kindergarten through eighth grade will participate in the arts either through their visual and performing arts class or participating in a production put on by their class. As part of their creative education, students have the opportunity to participate in theater, singing, painting, drawing, and an understanding of color theory. 

Students also have the opportunity to join our after-school dance program, directed by a respected dance performer from Las Vegas.  As part of this program, students will participate in at least one performance per year. 


There's more to life at ICA than the academics